Johnny Rzeznik has signed up with four different producers to launch the brand-new album of Goo-Goo Dolls, which is called ‘Magnetic’.

The producers along with Rzeznik have expressed that they are satisfied with the results as they have finally come up with what they exactly wanted.

In a recent interview to, Johnny said that they all wished for a raw idea and something new as they didn’t want the same-old music that has been recorded in the previous albums, which would eventually bear their fans. He also said that the band focused on each song individually, which has not been done before.

The album ‘Magnetic’ was a collective work of the four producers, as they all shared their ideas. Johnny further added that it had given different perspectives regarding the music, as they all have collectively created a great sound. He said that one guy performed the mixing of all the tracks, which maintained the momentum.

One of the writers of the songs ‘John Shanks’ who has also won a Grammy for the best producer said that he loved working with the entire team. His sessions were recorded in Los Angeles.

Goo-Goo Dolls worked with Greg Wattenberg in the New York City and had a great time working as they are really old friends and have been working for a long time.

Greg Wells has also produced the album, who has previously worked with top artists like Adele and Elton John. He has contributed to one of the songs.

Their 10th album ‘Magnetic’ has now officially been released by Warner Music and is out in stores now!

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