There has been a report of the country music star Dolly Parton, having a surgery done as she might be suffering from oesophageal cancer.

She has apparently lost 20 lbs as she has not been able to eat anything other than soft diet.

A reporter told the press that she was already aware of her condition without getting herself diagnosed, as she did the research on her own. He also added that deep down, she was afraid of the consequences.

It is said that she had an operation to have a device implanted, known as the gullet and aids food.

The singer who turned 67 this year kept her surgery a secret as she did not want her relatives and loved ones to panic.

The report further stated that Dolly knew that she would not live if she did not get her surgery done.

She got treated at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. The doctors specially flew from Los Angeles for the surgery.

Dolly Parton wanted to leave as soon she got done with the operation, but the doctors recommended her to rest for a day. She then went back home to Nashville on her bus after a successful surgery.

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